"Nowadays it is necessary demolition of the myth of the artist-star, who produces masterpieces only for the most intelligent people. We have got to make people understand that as long as art remains extraneous to everyday worries, it will be interesting only for a few people. It is necessary nowadays, in a society becoming more standardized, that the artist goes down his pedestal and designs the butcher sign (if he can)"

Bruno Munari

Paopao was founded in 2005 by the artist Pao as a consequence of his artistic activity, the Studio develops further from the meeting with the graphic designer Laura Pasquazzo, starting many collaborations. In 20 years of activity, we have worked in many fields including unconventional art, graphics, web design, fittings and decorations, merchandise, production and promotion of objects, exhibition set-ups, catalogs, coordinated images, video games and cartoons and much more. Here you will never get bored!