Animated historical video on Piazza dei Mercanti

Dove: Piazza dei Mercanti, Milano
Cliente: Centro per la cultura d'impresa
Cosa: 7 corti animati sulla storica Piazza dei Mercanti a Milano. Installazione site specific temporanea

Piazza dei Mercanti is fundamental in the history of Milan as it intertwines economy, politics, art and culture.
The Center for Corporate Culture, starting from the project of enhancement of Palazzo Giureconsulti, wanted by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, proposes with Pao the story of some stories through characters and buildings, protagonists of events and institutions.

The videos created by Pao, with his drawings and animations, together with the historical story, are 'introduced' by silhouettes that will live in the Piazza for two weeks. Historical research at the base of the installation is available at various levels of detail on the website

The silhouettes on the first night of preparation were broken by some night vandals. Only thanks to the help of a private citizen lover of art have been reinstalled and could remain in the square until December 11, 2016. read the article

A dutiful thank you for your help (and patience) an Emiliano Scatarzi, Antonella Bilotto e Gabriella Cameran, Marco Negroni, Alessandro Aceti, Gabriel Donati, Ilaria Perversi, Aronne Pleuteri.





1) Palazzo della Ragione
2) Palazzo Giureconsulti
3) Casa dei Panigarola
4) Chiesa San Michele al Gallo
5) Scuole Palatine
6) Loggia degli Osii
7) Il portico della Ferrata