Title: R2-D2
Year: 2002
Where: Milano

a Street art R2-d2 robot from Star Wars, painted on urban furniture, in Milan, Italy.

Campbell's Soup

Title:Campbell's Penguin Soup
Year: 2002
Where: Corso Sempione, Milano
Technique: Spray paint on public toilet

A street art Campbell's soup, painted on public toilet in Milan, Italy. Inspired by Andy Warhol and Pop art.    


Title: PaoCola
Year: 2002
Where: Piazza Gerusalemme, Milan, Italy
Technique: Spray paint on public toilet

A public toilet was trasformed in a Cocacola Can. The logo was changed in PaoCola by the author.
An homage to Pop Art and to Andy Warhol. 

Magic mushroom

Title: Magic Mushroom
Year: 2002
Where: Ponte delle Gabelle, Milano


Title: Smiles on Piazza Cesariano
Year: 2001
Where: Piazza Cesariano, Milano

This mural was a spontaneus collaboration between Pao and the local citizens.  

pao streetart 2001 smile via cesariano02

pao streetart 2001 smile via cesariano03


Title: Cox
Year: 2001
Where: Via Conchetta, Milano
Pictures by: Federico Caporal

pao streetart 2001 pinguini viaconchetta02

pao streetart 2001 pinguini viaconchetta03

Navigli Bridge

Title: Ponte sul Naviglio
Year: 2001
Where: Naviglio Pavese, Milano

pao streetart 2001 penguins bridge02


Title: Police
Year: 2001
Where: Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, Milan. 

Peace Penguin colony

Title: Peace Penguin Colony
Year: 2001
Where: Corso Sempione e Arco della Pace, Milan, Italy
Picture by: Federico Caporal