400ml. The collection

Titolo: 400ml. The Collection
Anno: 2008
Editore: Kitchen 93, France
Pagine: 432pp/400 a colori
Lingua: Testo in francese ed inglese

Catalogo della collezione di 400 opere realizzate su bombolette spray, Pao è tra gli artisti invitati.

The spraycan is one of the emblematic symbols of street art, as much for connoisseurs as for the artists of this movement, even if other techniques are used like the stencil or collage.In reference to the standard contents of a spraycan, 400 ml, the limit of 400 spraycans was set for the collection.This book presents this unique collection of 400 original works by artists from all over the world each using the same specifications:customization of an empty 400ml spraycan.